Saturday, March 12, 2011

I was awarded the Liebster Blog award by Amanda at Only Amanda's Bits and Pieces. Before I posted to my blog I wanted to find out about this honor and basically what I have learned is Liebster is German for Favorite. It was created to call attention to lesser known blogs (usually under 300 followers) and the recipient is to award to any where between 3-5 other blogs. So I would like to spread the word about the following blogs.

I am giving this award to:
1. Anita's kaartenboetiek
2. Paper and String
3. SoDak Stamping
4. Sharon's Showcase
5. Graphix and Designs


Sharon said...

Hi Jennifer - thanks so much for "awarding" me!! LOL I am very new to blogging so it's fantastic to get an award!

Anita said...

Hi Jennifer, Thank you so much for the award! :) X Anita