Friday, October 06, 2006

I am a bargain hunting shopper....I used to go on day long excursions to the malls, discounts stores and flea markets. I am addicted to getting a good deal. Since moving to nowhere land I have had to adjust my shopping habits. Now, while I do frequent auctions and a few discount stores, my shopping is done online.

I also enjoy papercrafts, such as ATC's, rubberstamping, scrapbooking. I have been a real big ebay shopper, primarily purchasing a "lot" of items, generally a lot includes papers, embellishments, tools and more. Occasionally, there are mystery boxes - which can be fun but are usually disappointments.

Lately I have discovered grab bags, something I have enjoyed since I was a young child, being sold by rubberstamp suppliers and creators. What is better than buying a small bag full of unknown items. Yes, there are disappointments but there can also be lots of fun and surprises. I have become addicted to purchasing them. Over the next few posts I will share my surprises, disappointments and thoughts about the packages of stamps I have recieved.