Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Have you tried UHU Twist and Glue?

if not you really should get a bottle. Recently UHU generously supplied a kit of goodies including the Twist and Glue adhesive in exchange for my opinion. Twist and Glue is really a great product that is easy to use. The top pops off to reveal a small dispensing tip, this tip is perfect when you need just a drop. But what if you need to smear glue all over a surface for better coverage? Well Twist and Glue has it covered, with just a quick twist of the area surrounding the dispensing tip a flat surface appears, just squeeze out some glue and get to smearing.

The glue works really well too. I was a bit worried since my bottle arrived during a deep freeze, with daily temps hovering at a balmy -20 degrees, but it doesn't seem to have affected it's performance.

I have had the product now about two weeks and there is maybe a 1/4 of the bottle left, so it has become my 'go to' glue. Things have really stuck, I haven't found anything that has come undone since using it, but the one drawback I have found is, like most liquid glues, papers warp or curl when applying full coverage.

This is a project I completed with the goodies UHU generously supplied with my sample bottle:

There were these neat little glass pebbles, the kind you would put in the bottom of a vase and some magnets. I attached collage sheet images from Vintage Twisted Papers (Charming Young Winged Beauties) to the back of each pebble with UHU Twist and Glue and allowed to dry. Afterwards I attached the magnet to the back of the image. After the adhesive had time to dry I popped these cuties up on the fridge. They are perfect for all the artwork the comes home each afternoon!

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